What is Evidence-Based Practice and where can I find the best research?

Evidence Based Practice (EBP), also called Evidence Based Medicine (EBM), refers to the use of high quality evidence to support clinical decisions. At its most simplistic, EBP involves the following steps:

   1. Create a clinical question. The PICO format is most commonly used.

   2. Review the literature to find articles which seem to answer that question.

   3. Critically evaluate those articles. Different article types will rate higher or lower based on
scientific standards.

   4. Apply the evidence-supported decision to your clinical practice.

   5. Evaluate the effectiveness of that decision in practice.

The UNDA Nursing Subject Guide has tutorials on what EBP is, and databases to find the most relevant research:

Find out more at  http://libraryonline.nd.edu.au/topics/evidencebasednursing

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