Finding the Needle in the i-Stack

Almost 5 years ago a University in Ireland commenced a novel interdisciplinary Masters in Medical Science (Health Informatics) program. One of the opening units had an interesting title called Finding the needle in the i-Stack. It opened my mind about the advantage of keyword search strategy in finding the information you want. Mastering Summon and online library search engines is a skill. Here is one video which will help you Find the needle in the i-Stack. It also displays the benefits of YouTube as an educational tool. The more consistent one becomes with using these databases and search engines the less frustrating future searching becomes (Please allow for the shameless subjective account).

 Since  2008, finding the information in the i=Stack has moved to Social Media resources such as YouTube and Twitter. The problem with so much   information out there is YOUR Critical Analysis of this content. What will benefit your studies and what wont. With the influence of virtual learning networks such as YouTube we are resourced with visual descriptives of clinical skills. This can have a huge advantage for the visual learner. If the content displayed contains clinical skills that compromise the philosophy of evidence based care then we need to be aware of this. You can access  one such paper calling for rigorous critique of clinical skills on YouTube here.

 Go well searching.


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