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Prezis on Information Literacy & APA Referencing


Please see the links to my presentations on information literacy and APA Referencing.



Getting Started with APA Referencing

Hello NPD 100,

As we start talking about referencing this week, it’s important to understand why we reference before we learn how to do it. Citation management software such as Refworks (and others) are only tools – without a sound knowledge of the principles of referencing and the main elements of an APA citation, you’ll get stuck. It’s like being able to drive a car without knowing the road rules.

Check out this video by Massey University (New Zealand). It’s 14 minutes well spent and will give you a good background for tomorrow’s lecture.

Refworks: Let’s get this party started!

Next week we’ll be talking about Refworks in NPD 100.

 NPD 100: Please create an account with Refworks ASAP. Go to this page on the library website: http://library.nd.edu.au/content.php?pid=50125&sid=642790

This is also the page that houses the APA Referencing Guide for Nursing (on left side of page), check that out too.

Sign up for a New Account with Refworks, using your Notre Dame email address.

You’ll get an email confirmation. Hold on to this, it contains a Group Code which you might be asked for later.  If you are signing up off-campus and need the Group Code, I have posted it (for legal reasons) in an Announcement on Blackboard.  Basically Refworks formats and manages citations online, and there is also a plug-in you can download into Microsoft Word so you can input citations as you write.

Here is a 2-minute overview of what Refworks does.